Update Information








New quests

  • Added new quests with rewards:

  • Quest 1: Dalanis (easy);
    Quest 2: Dalanis (normal);
    Quest 3: Events in Thunderhoof Hills;
    Quest 4: Events in Southern Janost Forest.

    Hall of Survivoes

  • Changes:

  • Removed CD;
    Improved Ifur and Dylan jewelry (easy mode).

    Event: Treasure Chest

  • At the bridge of Varanas every 4 hours there is a Chest, Loot:

  • Clothing - Heart of the Ocean;
    Weapon - Heart of the Ocean;
    x15 Ancient Mementos;
    50 Diamonds.

    New merchant

  • The NPS is located in the Center of Varanas, products:

  • Portable store;
    Blessing of the Flower God.

    New Teleporter

  • NPC can be found near Snoop:

  • To Varanas;
    Thunderhoof Hills;
    Southern Janost Forest.

    Siege War

    Siege Wars have started (in test mode), all victory or defeat ratings will be reset after the final checks..

    Winning Guild:

  • +3000 honor points
  • +13 Badge of the Trial (206686)
  • +5 Glorious Victory Package (206770)

  • Losing Guild:

  • +1500 honor points
  • +5 Badge of the Trial (206686)
  • +3 Glorious Victory Package (206770)


    Lower Set Warnorken Arena

    Changed lower set bonuses (now more up-to-date);
    Removed weapons from the Lower set (because not all classes of weapons are suitable - and therefore not all can get the bonus of a full lower set).

    Addon - DungeonLoots

  • Addon changes:

  • Cleaned up dirty loot in Warnorken Arena;
    Added earrings for the lower set in Warnorken Arena (easy).

    Event Flower

  • Event disabled.

    Moa Heart

    Fixed moa heart sale.


    Champion: Shield Form

    Talk to an NPC in the class hall of Varanas - you can get the "Shield Form" without doing any quests;
    Reduced the amount of -aggro in x2.


    Enreged spell - Increases rage by 60.


    Reduced mana consumption to 4%.