Update Information








  • Increased card drop chance in the following locations::
  • 1;


    Fast Boss Summon;
    Unique Card +25 Attributes.

    Arena 1v1

    Phirius Special Water - Type B (Win);
    Diamonds added (Win = 5 Diamonds, Lose = 3 Diamonds).

    Dalanis Sewers

    New weapons for the Champion class.

    HoS - NPC Mike Sabudis

    Returned the purchase of PvE jewelry.

    Fishing Rods for Farming Gold

    Location: Southern Janost Forest;
    Recipe for fishing rods can be bought from Moller Fashwa.

    Instant Mounted Summoner

    Bold Shadow Leopard Mount (Permanent);
    Green Feather Cloud Leopard Mount (Permanent).

    Hillarzu the First

    Unique Card +1% HP.
    Can be summoned fast.


    Unique Card +1% Defense and magical defense.
    Can be summoned fast.

    Buffs Guild

  • Time effect increased to 24 hours.
  • Buffs of a Maid

  • Time effect increased to 24 hours.
  • Maid Potions

  • Potion: Scarlet Love
  • Potion: Clear Thought
  • Potion: Galloping Gale
  • Potion: Pungent Vileness
  • Potion: Unbridled Enthusiasm
  • Potion: Turn of Luck Powder Dust
  • The time effect is increased to 1 hour and 24 hours.
  • NPC - Evangeline

    Changed daily reward to - 1x Great Golden Repair Hammer.

    Rogue class

  • Fixed magic throw (no knife damage binding).
  • Knight class

  • Fixed aggro.
  • Level 55 Quest Clothes

  • Green stats returned to items.
  • Addon RuneCraft

  • Fixed it to work correctly.
  • Addon yaCIt

  • Fixed - Corrected.
  • Launcher Update

  • To update the client run Client.exe (Not using NoCheckVersion).