Fishing system

Get Gold

Give yourself a head start and take up a new craft for a change, catch fish and earn gold for it!!

What is required for fishing?:

Take the quest from the NPC;

Drop recipe from dungeon bosses;

Create a fishing rod;

Start fishing.

Fish in good faith without third-party software (So that your account is not blocked).

Quest: Fishing Permit

On the island of Sacred Ground of the Titan there is an NPC: Moller Fashwa, after you take the quest you will have the opportunity to drop a recipe from the dungeons.

Island of Sacred Ground of the Titan:

  • The island is located in Southern Janost Forest.
  • Where can I get a recipe?

    Recipe - Simple Fishing rod:

  • Rank: I
  • Profession: Woodworking.
  • Profession level: 1.
  • The first recipe is in the dungeon Origin, the recipe can be got from the last boss - Holy Tree Falynum.

    Drop Chance: 50%

    Recipe - Rare Fishing rod:

  • Rank: II
  • Profession: Woodworking.
  • Profession level: 50.
  • The second recipe is in the dungeon Hall of Survivors (normal), the recipe can get with the fourth boss - Vrantal.

    Drop Chance: 35%

    Where can I get a recipe?

    Recipe - Legendary Fishing rod:

  • Rank: III
  • Profession: Woodworking.
  • Profession level: 55.
  • The third recipe is in the dungeon Zurhidon Stronghold, the recipe can get with the second boss - Charionys.

    Drop Chance: 15%

    Where can I get a recipe?

    Recipe - Mythical Fishing rod:

  • Rank: IV
  • Profession: Woodworking.
  • Profession level: 57.
  • The fourth recipe is in Dalanis Dungeon, the recipe you can get with the last boss - Maxim Erekat III .

    Drop Chance: 10%


    Recipe - Simple Fishing rod:

  • Gold: 100,000
  • Activate Rune: x15
  • Flame Dust Ingot: x5
  • Chime Wood Plank: x5
  • Rosemary Extract: x5
  • Harvest God Star Stone: x1
  • Recipe - Rare Fishing rod:

  • Gold: 200,000
  • Activate Rune: x30
  • Mysticite: x5
  • Dragon Beard Root Wood: x5
  • Green Thistle: x5
  • White Gold Nail: x1
  • Recipe - Legendary Fishing rod:

  • Gold: 300,000
  • Activate Rune: x40
  • Mithril: x5
  • Sagewood: x5
  • Straw Mushroom: x5
  • Shigassa Metal Stone: x1
  • Recipe - Mythical Fishing rod:

  • Gold: 400,000
  • Activate Rune: x50
  • Frost Crystal: x5
  • Fairywood: x5
  • Mirror Sedge: x5
  • Wolfram Nail: x1
  • Places for fishing:

    Fishing is a secondary gathering profession that allows players to fish in various bodies of water in the Southern Janust Forest. Fish and other marine life are used to earn gold.

    For fishing there are 4 types of rods:

  • 1. Simple Fishing rod;
  • 2. Rare Fishing rod;
  • 3. Legendary Fishing rod;
  • 4. Mythical Fishing rod.
  • Simple Fishing rod


  • Bon-free river fish - 2,000 gold;
  • Fishing tackle - 4,500 gold.
  • Rare Fishing rod


  • White Cupid - 3,000 gold;
  • Trout - 7,000 gold.
  • Legendary Fishing rod


  • Catfish - 5,000 gold;
  • Pearl - 10,000 gold.
  • Mythical Fishing rod:


  • Salmon - 7,000 gold;
  • Rare Pearl - 15,000 gold.
  • A third reward, unique to the Craft Festival, are Universal Components, which can be exchanged for Craft Festival Celebration Certificates and elemental powder with Myden Neil at the city gate of Varanas.

    Six Craft Festival Celebration Certificates can then be traded in for crafting recipes or potions with the Craft Festival Cashier at the Central Plaza of Varanas.